Warranty Policy
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  The following warranty policy applies to all G.MAX products listed on this website unless otherwise stated:  
  A 12-month guarantee from the purchase date against any peeling or
defects on the finish (chrome, paint, and machined face/polished finish)
on the face and lip of the rim.

A 5-year guarantee on any structural problems under normal driving
  G.MAX will repair or replace the faulty products within the warranty period.

G.MAX reserves the right to replace the faulty products with an alternative design
of equivalent value if the original claimed product is discontinued.
What the warranty does not cover:
01、 Cosmetic defects on the window, stud holes, or inner/hidden parts of the rim.
02、 Fracture or severe buckling of the wheels outside normal driving conditions i.e., in accidents or other impacts, is not included in this cover.
03、 Wheels that are not cleaned according to the instructions and defects start to appear on the finish.
04、 Damages in the finish of the wheel (such as chipped paint or scratches) that are caused by careless/inappropriate tyre-fitting process.
05、 Wheels that have been modified without previous agreement with G.MAX.
06、 Wheels that have been damaged in transit, accident, or other method outside the hands of G.MAX personnel.
07、 Wheels that have been fitted with the knowledge that they are not load rated for the vehicle.
08、 Wheels that have been fitted with the wrong tyres, or used to carry excessive loads.
09、 Inappropriate usage of the wheels, i.e., passenger wheels used for off-road purposes.
10、 Accessories (i.e. hub rings, nuts, bolts) included with the wheel purchases that are free of charge do not fall under the warranty conditions.
To make a claim, Customers must approach the original retail where the products are purchased from. Original Tax Invoice must be retained for this purpose and the claim will be processed accordingly.
When the customer approaches you for a claim, please follow the steps below:

01、 Check the customer's receipt to make sure that the wheel to be claimed is within the warranty period.
02、 Check the defect to ensure that the problem is not caused by inappropriate handling of the wheel.
03、 Call us on 03-9568 6599 to report this fault and fax the original tax invoice to 03- 9568 4288. You can send digital images of the wheel to sean@gmaxwheels.com or make an appointment with us on 03-9568 6599 for a warranty assessment.
04、 If the condition appears to be a warrantable claim, G.MAX would provide you with a Returns Authorization Number (RAN). All claimed wheels must be returned to the following address with the RAN quoted for a full assessment.
05、 Ensure that the customer understands that the cost of mounting/demounting tyres from wheels, wheel balancing/alignment, and other consequential costs incurred during the warranty process will be at the Customer's expense unless otherwise specified.
06、 Forward and return freight will also be at the Customer's expense in all warranty situations unless specified.
Wheels accepted by the Customer at the point of sale is acknowledgment that the wheels are received in good condition prior to usage.
Customer' refers to the original purchaser/end-user of the wheels.
'You' refers to the retail entities that purchased the wheels from G.MAX.