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The need for performance -– Mixed Fitment and Super Light Wheels 2013-04-01

Mixed fitment, sometimes known as staggered fitment, means fitting different sized wheels on the rear of the car. Different sizes can mean different wheel size, such as 18" on the front and 19" on the rear wheels for Porche 996, or different wheel width such as 8.5" on the front and 9.5" on the rear for rear-wheel drives such as Nissan 350Z, Skyline, Commodore, Falcon, Mercedes and BMW.

Putting a wider wheel on the drive wheel improves the handling of the car. This is especially evident when cornering and braking due to its increased grip surface. Apart from Japanese import wheels, G.MAX is perhaps the only local supplier in Australia that offers a wide range of mixed fitment options from 17" up to 20" with widths from 7" to 10".

Another element that affects performance is the weight of the wheel. The lighter the wheel, the easier it is to accelerate and decelerate. Some wheel manufacturers try to take the weight off by cutting bits and pieces out of the wheel center. Others take off the decoration studs to make it lighter. One way or the other, the weight that is taken off must be enough to make a significant difference.

Lightweight wheel is hard to make because they have to trim the wheel down to its lightest form while maintaining its structural safety. G.MAX DRIFT 6 is one of the best selling wheels because it offers mixed fitment options and more importantly, its 17" weighs only 6.5KG while a normal 17" can weigh up to 10KG.

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