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To copy or not to copy 2013-04-01

Designer's wheel or replica wheel - these are the two main types of designs in the market. The advantage of having a designer's wheel is its uniqueness. The disadvantage is, being a pioneer in the market, you will have to tell the difference between a good-looking wheel and a bad-looking wheel yourself. The replica wheel basically eliminates this problem because wheels that are not commonly acknowledged as good-looking or reputable are naturally not duplicated. However, you'll be driving around with a wheel most people have.

G.MAX wheels come from our own design house, which also designs wheels for renowned brands in Japan and Europe. We focus mainly on designer's wheels because the main purpose for changing wheels is to be unique. If you don't change into something original, something eye-catching, then it really defeats the whole purpose of changing your alloys.

Because of this, G.MAX wheels have become trendsetting designs and targets of replica wheels in Australia.

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