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Tell Good finish, Bad finish, and Premium finish. 2013-03-18

A good design needs to be complimented with a good finish. A good finish means it's solid, homogenous, bright, and most importantly, it stays on. The brightness of the wheel depends on the quality of the paint and the correct proportions of its mixture. Homogeneity and thickness depends on the skills of the painters as they are done manually. A high quality paint finish requires a balance of these factors.

MACHINED FACE FINISH - While people pay more for chrome finishes which cover up the impurities, machined face finish is where the manufacturing difficulty lies. This type of finish is created by shaving a thin layer of paint off the surface to reveal the original aluminum silver. A smooth surface means a higher quality casting, resulting to a strong structure and wheel balance.

The best way to tell the quality of finish is to place the wheel you like against another wheel of the same brand and compare its finish from a distance. It is difficult to evaluate the finish of the wheel alone. The quality of machined face finish is much easier to tell. As long as the impurities on the wheel do not exceed three spots of over 0.1mm and there are no visible dents on the surface, it's good.

DIAMOND CUTTING FINISH - This is the advanced form of machined face finish where the tip of the knife that shaves a thin layer of aluminum off the wheel is made of genuine diamond. The result is a finer look where you can barely see the tracks of the knife. This finish is so bright that it is sometimes mistaken for a polished finish.

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