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Get professional advice 2013-04-01

Filing, re-drilling, drilling from blank wheels, fitting spacers, changing stud patterns - some people would go extra lengths just to fit the wheel they want onto their car. This is all good until something happens and you are looking for a person to take some responsibility. The truth is - you won't find any.

G.MAX knows the importance of providing the correct fitment for the cars. This involves an extensive knowledge of car fitments, which is a tedious task because there are too many parameters that can affect the fitment. Despite this, G.MAX always recommends the proper wheels for your car which means it does not involve the above modifications.

While there are cases where you need to replace a whole set of wheels just because you damaged one and could not find a replacement, this is rarely the case if you have a G.MAX wheel. This is because G.MAX has a factory to back up its products, you can be assured to get extra wheels in case you damaged one, or replacement wheels if they are faulty.

We believe that a purchase is not the end of a deal, but a beginning of a sincere relationship. G.MAX cares about your safety and strives to provide the original designs, the best quality, and efficient after sales service that will bring all smiles to your life.

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