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Most company profiles tell you who they are (10% of the text) and then move on to their main topic - how good they are (90% of the text), which is probably why most people skip this section all together. But most readers just want to know:
* who exactly is G.MAX (if they happen to have something I am interested in)
* what exactly can I get from G.MAX
* why should I buy from G.MAX
Well, we can approach with a few Q&A:
1、 How long has G.MAX been in the market?
  G.MAX was established in 2000 in Perth, Western Australia. We supply nationwide through 3 warehouses in Perth, Melbourne and Brisbane, so most products can be delivered on the same day or next day service.
2、 Is G.MAX an importer or wheel manufacturer?
  We are actually an overseas wheel manufacturer. All our products are in-house designed and produced.
3、 Who does G.MAX supply to?
  We supply to most tyre stores in Australia such as Bob Jane T-Marts, Tyrepower, Ian Diffen/The Tyre Factory, Jax Quick Fit and independent tyre stores.
4、 How do you best describe your product range?
  We are mainly known for manufacturing large-sized alloy wheels from 16" up to 22" for luxury sedans, sports cars, SUVs and off-road vehicles. The key features of our wheels are: Mixed Fitment, Brembo Brake Clearance, Load Rated Wheels, Rare European Fitments, Huge Offsets and Low Offsets, and Market Leading Finish such as Titanium Bronze, Fine Hand Polished, Diamond Cut, PSL (Polished Stainless Lip) and Copper.
5、 Why should we buy from G.MAX?
Well, finding something you like from our product range will be a good start. On top of this, there are some things that you MUST consider when choosing the right wheel supplier to purchase from:
Reliable - G.MAX takes no shortcuts in their management and focuses on running a long-term business in Australia. In other words, we will be here if you need to claim a warranty or purchase replacement wheels.
Insured - All our wheels are locally covered by AUD10 million product liability insurance.
Local Service - When problem arises, you need someone to deal with it immediately. G.MAX has sales rep in every state to provide local customer service and resolve any problems promptly.